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Routes to Lurvity

Internships: Through our structured internship, we recruit interns from engineering, accountancy to business administration. This programme is designed for the best and most ambitious undergraduates)

Graduates: Our graduate development program offers highly competitive learning and rewards

Experienced Professionals : We value Proven Experience and Expertise that professionals bring to LURVITY and we constantly look for the best minds and diverse perspectives

Student Programme : We offer placement opportunities for students (13-17-year olds) in any year of study who are looking to gain experience in an engineering and construction environment. This will provide you with the opportunity to experience working on a project or in a head office environment where you will learn core behavioural skills such as communication, team-working, and interpersonal skills, as well gain an awareness of the breadth of roles within LURVITY

Open Positions

UI/UX Designer


Front-End Developer


Business Associate


Financial Consultant


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