The best platform to subscribe to own retail businesses and get return on your investments. We are dedicated to creating a system to reduce the stress and risks involved in running distribution & retailing of consumer-packaged goods.

We help you invest in retail stores, support SMEs, and earn up to 20% on your investment.

This platform is powered by Lurvity Nigeria Ltd.


Our strategies are focused on optimizing financial performance while helping local businesses scaleup their operations. While you deploy capital, we provide the inventory, labor, inputs, management, expertise, and other necessities.

We own our retail outlets and invest in viable outlets within our network.

Healthy Returns

  • The most profitable long-term trading experience you can engage in.
  • Join Lurvity Retail: Partner with us by investing in any of our retail stores
  • Track Updates: Get investment updates on the retail store selected

Get returns: Earn up to 20% ROI at the end of each cycle.

Low Capital

Affordable and low capital entry requirement. You can start a retail store for as low as N10,000 and earn maximum returns.

100% Insured

We understand that your money is valuable, hence all stores and inventory are insured by comprehensive insurance providers.


A simple, risk free and profitable program perfect for people looking to engage in retail businesses but do not have the knowledge, capacity, or time to execute their business desires. We provide all the tools and handle all management necessary for a successful business operation.


Get Better Yields

Reap your reward for every successful STORE in a cycle. With the increasing consumer needs of a constantly expanding global population, the time to unlock the potential in your portfolio is now.

Support Local Businesses

By Investing in Lurvity Retail, you are helping to create jobs and contributing to the success of local businesses.

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